[PICTURES] Aisha Khan posts photos of her daughter for the first time on social media!


Former Pakistani film and television actress Aisha Khan has been a household name because of her super hit dramas like Woh Ek Pal, Mann Mayal, Parsa.

The supermodel, however, chose to quit her career after she tied the knot with Major Uqbah. The beautiful couple has a beautiful daughter Mahnoor, who is now nine months old.

She often posts adorable pictures with her baby but hides her baby’s face in every picture, which has left many people puzzled.

She uploaded a picture with her baby from the previous Eid, and as usual, her baby’s face was hidden.

However, one of her followers called her conservative and superstitious for hiding the baby’s face.

Khan knows how to deal with senseless criticism and replied, “Once your child’s picture is on the internet, its public property, anyone can do what they want with it. I’m not ready for that. Call me conservative, superstitious, or whatever else, it’s really not going to change my decision for now. I know I can’t hide her forever, but for now, I am not ready.”

Recently, she posted a beautiful, heartfelt note for her daughter Mahnoor’s birthday. She also posted her pictures, unveiling her face for the first time on social media.

”Happy 1st (according to the Islamic calendar) birthday to the ? of my eye…. the center of my universe…. the love of my life….my darling baby girl with a smile so bright that it’s hard to see anything else”.

”On this blessed day Allah blessed Uqbah and me with the most precious gift…. all words fall short in expressing how grateful we are….grateful that you’re healthy…grateful that you are surrounded by people who absolutely adore you…grateful that you always have that million-dollar smile on your face…. and above all grateful that Allah chose you to be ours”.

”There isn’t a thing in the world we wouldn’t do to see you grow into a kind strong beautiful human being. May you shine the brightest my little star…. and get the best of everything in this world and the hereafter. Although this wasn’t what we had planned for her first birthday, we are so grateful to the best nana and nanoo for putting this little arrangement together as a surprise in these strange and difficult times…. 12 rabi ul Awal- so SO special it always was and will always be.??

Here are all the latest photos she posted:

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  • Thank God. I spent restless nights thinking about this why I cannot see the face of baby . Now I finally know I’m so happy. Thank you for the article. BTW who is Aisha Khan? never mind not interested.

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