Aitzaz Hasan, The Hero Who Saved His School From A Suicide Attack Is Being Honored By People – See It Here

Amid an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance, few people have still held the flag of honesty high. They have done everything to protect this prestigious homeland, and haven’t taken a step back even when their passion asked for their blood.

Among these brave heroes stands Aitzaz Hasan Shaheed, a 15-year-old boy from Hangu District who sacrificed his life to save thousands of students.

On 6th January 2014, Aitzaz saw a suicide bomber trying to enter the school and rather than running away to save himself, he stopped the attacker eventually losing his life but saving his school that had around 2 thousand students. Later the responsibility of the attack was claimed by Lashkar e Jhangvi.

Aitzaz’s bravery touched many people and he deserved it. He is truly like a ray of hope where all we see is darkness. We can’t do anything to repay him for what he did, but the least we can do is to always keep him alive in our hearts.

Strong nations never forget its heroes and a little effort has been made to celebrate this young icon as well. A road has been named after him and people are appreciating it. As shared by this Twitter user, Aitzaz is one of these people who offered all he had for this country but didn’t get enough recognition.

This has been possible due to efforts of Member Administration CDA, Yasir Pirzada who was thanked and appreciated by the people for this humble gesture.

Mr. Pirzada further said that he wants more roads to be named after these national heroes.

This definitely is a minor act as compared to what they did for us but we hope that it will keep their sacrifice alive forever. They truly are immortal.

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