Alcoholic ‘Drone’ Becomes One Of The Leading Cause Of Death In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The brew originated in Tirah and escalated quickly to the settled districts of KP.

According to media reports, an alcoholic concoction has become the new cause of death in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Sources state that the drink is aptly named ‘Drone’ and is formulated by moonshiners in the remote Tirah Valley of the Khyber tribal district, which was once infamous for militancy and poppy cultivation.

Details of the Drink

Media reports state:

The ingredients of this alcoholic drink are readily available over-the-counter drugs, syrups, and cold drinks.

A Tirah-based doctor shared:

The brew originated in Tirah and escalated quickly to the settled districts of KP. It has been given this funny name because it instantly makes you high, and you start feeling light.

The doctor further stated:

Economic depression and instability have reportedly led to an increase in the use of ‘Drone’ – a cure-all elixir – by the youth in the area. Several kinds of sleeping tablets are dissolved in a popular soft drink along with two types of sedative cough syrups and cheap drugs to make this drink, which is sold for a few hundred rupees.

Authorities take Action

Taking note of the alarming number of deaths caused by the alcoholic concoction, authorities announced:

Any shopkeeper found selling these cough syrups will be penalized with a fine – and a warning.

While measures are being taken to avoid the consumption of this drink, the explosive availability has prompted distress among members of the local Aman Committee. However, experts believe that imposing a ban on certain cough syrups is an excellent step to rein in the uncontrolled spread of the drugging drink.

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