Algeria and Tunisia prevent Israeli airplane from using their airspaces to Morocco

Morocco has become the fourth Arab state in recent months to normalize relations with israel.

Algeria and Tunisia have prevented an Israeli airplane from using their airspace on its way to the Moroccan city of Rabat.


According to local media outlets from both countries, the plane was later forced to take an indirect route via Europe.

Tunisia’s Nessma TV channel disclosed that the Israeli airplane was forced to take a northern route that passes over the Mediterranean Sea.

The plane was then routed via Greek, Italian and Spanish airspaces to reach the Moroccan capital.

The routing was due to both Tunisia and Algeria closing their airspaces to the Israeli airplane.

The flags of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Meanwhile, Algeria’s Ennahar Online news site rejected earlier reports claiming that Algeria allowed the “Zionist plane” to use its airspace.

The Moroccan Al-Sahifah news site confirmed that the first direct flight between Tel Aviv and Rabat avoided entering the Maghreb countries’ airspaces.

There were no official comments from Tunisia and Algeria on the reports.

The North African countries.

Nevertheless, in a statement, the Tunisian Foreign Ministry rejected “reports” claiming that Tunisia intends to normalize relations with Israel and labeled them as “unfounded.”

The Maghreb countries: Morocco (excluding Western Sahara), Algeria, and Tunisia.

The foreign ministry also reiterated that Tunisia’s position on Israel “will not be affected by global changes.”

The flight is the first direct commercial flight between Morocco and Israel after the two countries normalized relations.

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The flight carried an Israeli-American delegation led by the US president’s advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

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