Ali-Meesha Controversy Update: Meesha Shafi Deletes Her Social Media Accounts

Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar controversy have been the hottest debate in the entertainment sphere recently. Last few weeks have instilled the argument and has clearly divided the showbiz industry. While some other women also stepped ahead and had similar claims against the accused star, few former co-stars and friends have also taken the stage to defend the accused star.
The social media has however also been fully engaged in the discussion. Though none of the details were revealed by neither Meesha nor Ali, except that it did happen multiple times, everything was purely based on assumptions and of course, multiple conspiracy theories.

Meesha broke her silence after it, telling about the lawyers who will be handling her case saying that the media can contact them for the details.
Speaking to Geo News, her legal counsel Barrister Muhammad Ahmad Pansota confirmed that Meesha does have ‘proofs’ of the sexual harassment. He further said at such level, garnering all the public eye, Meesha wouldn’t level such allegations if she didn’t have strong and dependable proofs.

He also added that the matter will only be settled if Ali Zafar issued a public apology to her.
In another turn now, Meesha has deactivated her Instagram and Facebook accounts, leaving everyone confused and perplexed. The reason for her disappearance from social media is still unknown, however, it can possibly be due to the backlash and criticism she faced as a reaction of her allegations. Some people are also of opinion that she did that because ‘she was guilty’ and had no staunch proof of her blames on Ali Zafar.

Few sources also reported that Meesha and her family will be shifting abroad, that further gave an illegitimate vibe to the entire situation.

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