Ali Moeen Nawazish slams news websites for posting his satirical post as a ‘headline’

His satirical post about the rising taxes made it to news headlines - for all the wrong reasons.

  • Ali Moeen Nawazish is known for his vocal political views. 
  • His satirical post about new taxes levied by FBR was taken as legitimate news by websites and they shared it without any verification.
  • Nawazish slammed the news sites for unethical behavior.

Ali Moeen Nawazish is known for his vocal political views and well – sometimes satirical. However, this time it went a little too far when one of his eloquent posts made headlines across newspapers, for all the wrong reasons.

Nawazish mocked the new high taxes levied by FBR in a satirical post, however, the post was taken as a piece of actual news by websites. Although he clarified it in his post, still the news sites posted about it as it is, misleading the public. Here is what he concluded his post with:

*Note: this is satire. What isn’t a joke though is what you do with the hides of the animals. Don’t give it to just anyone. Banned organizations used the proceeds of these hides to fund terrorist-related activities. Please be sure to check and plan on giving your hide well in advance.

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It STILL made the headlines:

However, despite his clearly readable note, the news sites posted the issue as an actual ‘news’ without any verification. Ali called out the news websites for posting void content without even cross-checking.

‪I wrote this as satire and a joke which I clearly mentioned in the post and comments.‪1. People copying it as if true and sharing it. Highly irresponsible. ‬Worst of all they are copying without the disclaimer that it is a joke.

‪2. Some news websites have also published this as News!!!!!‬

‪Yeh mazaq hai. Agar kisi ko bhee oper ki angrezi samjh ati hai to us ko neeche ke bhee ane chahye thee.

I still apologize, I guess satirical posts aren’t easy on our people. I remember Nadeem Farooq Paracha’s satire piece on Malala which had something to do with pizza and everyone thought it was true.

If people can understand mandated, compliance, deputed, etc. satire isn’t that difficult a word, especially when I have said joke in the very next line too!

And if they don’t understand, why did they remove only the disclaimer part? They would have copied the whole thing? So something is fishy!

Rest assured aisa kuch bhee nahi hai! Ab agar FBR is ke baad yeh kahe ke yeh idea bara acha hai to main kuch nahi kar sakta,” Ali posted.

While social media has provided a voice to everyone, the fake news is also thriving because of it. Though Twitter and other social media sites have been stepping up their efforts to combat the spread of fake news but it still hasn’t stopped people from sharing misinformation. The issue becomes even more grave when the news websites and platforms themselves start propagating it without any background check.

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