Ali Zafar Questions Imran Khan’s Timing – Here’s How Twitterratti Responded

Twitter, with providing a voice to everyone equally, can present an image of a hot battleground as well and often it does happen. Things do get a little out of control.
Same happened when famed singer Ali Zafar tried to tell Imran Khan about the ‘timings’ of talking about a national issue.

Khan tweeted talking about Pakistan’s failing economy. He shared how, in his opinion, Nawaz Sharif’s and Dar’s money laundering and how the failed strategies have impacted Pakistan. Here is what he said:

Responding to it, Ali Zafar said that timings about talking about issues like this matter and should be considered. He said that this wasn’t an appropriate day to talk about the topic, as the whole nation is celebrating PSL. He further said that being a cricketing hero himself, Khan should be supportive towards the event, teams and the participants. He said that Imran Khan should ‘participate’ in the atmosphere of joy and celebration that can be felt with cricket coming home. Here is what Ali Zafar said in response to Khan’s tweet:

Ironic enough, Khan had already released the statement about it and shared his sentiments on PSL, extending warm wishes to the players. That too, before Ali Zafar’s statement.

Needless to say, people were quite unforgiving. They told Ali Zafar that he is an entertainer while Khan is a leader, who has more important things to worry about. Also, people kept referring to the fact that Khan has already issued a statement regarding PSL. Here is how Twitterati responded to Ali Zafar’s advice to Imran Khan:

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