Alizeh Shah decides to take legal action against those behind her smoking video [Watch]

Here's what Alizeh Shah has decided to do!

Alizeh Shah

Renowned Actress Alizeh Shah has decided to take legal action against those behind making her video while smoking. A couple of days ago, a video of the Ehd-e-wafa actress enjoying a smoke with her friends went viral over the internet.

The video received mixed reaction from netizens as some bashed the actress while others defended her. In the recent times, Alizeh Shah has been topic of discussion on social media very often.

Now, Alizeh Shah has decided to initiate legal proceedings against those who made her video without her permission. The actress shared a video of Federal Investigation Agency Sindh’s head of cybercrime – Imran Riaz – on her Instagram. In the video, Imran Riaz warns people against making someone’s video or taking their pictures without their permission.

According to the FIA Sindh’s cybercrime head, its a crime under Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016. Those found guilty of this crime can be jailed for three years, fined PKR 1 million or both.

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