Alizeh Shah hits back at people criticizing her choice of dressing

Alizeh took to Instagram and said, ‘What’s wrong with people?

The young Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah has been at the receiving end of harsh criticism regarding her choice of clothes.

Shah and singer Sahir Ali Bagga recently released a music track named ‘Badnamiyan,’ Alizeh’s debut song.

Netizens couldn’t resist being charmed by Alizeh’s unique voice and were pleasantly surprised at how talented a singer Alizeh is. However, along with the compliments many people also criticized Alizeh’s sense of style.

The actress’s dressing choices are not being appreciated during the music video, and social media users mainly have gotten exceedingly outraged by her black ‘tank-top.

While Alizeh received the vilest form of criticism, the 20-year-old chose to approach the matter differently and, if we say so, very maturely.

She has a question for the netizens: Is it even time to be discussing such a useless issue such as Alizeh’s choice of clothing?

Alizeh was recently seen in the Ramazan special drama serial named Tanaa Banaa along with Danyal Zafar. Many people admired the on-scene chemistry between Danyal and Alizeh.

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  • No one will bother if ‘her choice of dressing’ is in her own house… this ‘her choice of dressing’ is for public and have influence on people.
    Now those who say you should not watch it are those who regularly bash at all videos coming from any islamic scholar.

    • Sir aap ek number ke munafiq hain. There are people being killed in Palestine and you’re bothered about someone’s dressing sense. Mazhab ko ghar mein dhoondo, bazaar mein nahi. Cultivate culture and modesty in ur home rather than finding fault on people whose business is worldly success..

  • We are pathetic bashing her over a tank top. Hypocrisy ke had hai. We are the nation that consumes the highest amount of porn and made 50 shades of grey the top trending watched movie in Ramzan.

    Its very normal to dress that way in many Muslim countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, UAE, Morocco, Indonesia etc but we have to poke our noses in everyones business. Live and let live

    • Well done atleast someone has spoken rationally otherwise All So-called Muslims first watch these actors ,make them famous and then Pretend to be Pietists.why do you watch them if you have to criticize them later.Don’t you know how do Actresses or Models dressup Even in drama they wear pant t-shirts and tight clothes then these people have no objection
      Height of hypocrisy hai yh..Thank God you have said something sensible

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