Alkaram Studio fires victim for reporting harassment

Infamous clothing brand Alkaram Studio fires employee for filing sexual harassment complaint, abuser served with a warning letter only.


Infamous women wear clothing brand Alkaram Studio has fired its own employee for reporting sexual harassment. Sanober Ali, a CRO in company’s Lahore office accused Mohammad Ali Mufti, the head of sales at Alkaram AK Studio. However, rather than her complaints being addressed, she was terminated from her position instead.

The senior GM of HR at Al-Karam Textile Mills Waqas Ansari flew to Lahore from Karachi to cater to the issue. He asked her to delete the post, told her Mohammad Ali Mufti would face consequences and asked for her advice on how she wants her issue to be resolved.

The victim had proof on her phone. She showed all the evidence of harassment to the senior GM. It was accepted as credible and legitimate by the senior position holder. He went through it, matched the number to the accused and then proceeded to send her a warning letter.

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Snober Ali said that the GM accepted that Muhammad Ali Mufti is at fault but rather than taking action, alternatively, she was the one paying the price.

Alkaram Studio terminates the victim instead:

What followed later is not only disgraceful for a brand of Alkaram’s magnitude but also very discouraging for the victims. Women suffering in professional workspaces face an extra hurdle as they are prone to face repercussions – like Snober did.

“At the end, he said let’s close it here we at Alkaram will see what to do about this in future accordingly. He also mentioned and accepted that Mohammad Ali Mufti is doing wrong. He assured you that you’ll not lose your job – he will – I said sir I don’t care about the job. If I cared about it I never raised the issue in the first place.”

She added that no action was taken against her abuser. Conversely, she was served with a warning letter for speaking out.

Snobar shares evidence of her encounters:

Disgruntled and discouraged, Snobar took to her LinkedIn to share the evidence and how hurdles were created for her at every step. She added that when she didn’t backtrack after Waqas Ansari insisted to close the case, she was called to Karachi to talk. However, even there she was not accommodated. Rather than support, alternatively, every possible effort was made to stop her from pursuing it.

Firstly, she was called over to Karachi from Lahore to speak. Secondly, the clothing brand refused to pay for her travel costs in this case so that she will refuse to pay the amount and take a step back herself.

”I refused to close it and ask to investigate it. As per my insistence, they started it but again showed the biases. It was official visit when I was called over for the matter but they said you’ll pay. They asked to only contribute 11K out of 53,700. The intention was clear that I’ll refuse to pay this amount and we will simply say that she didn’t come over” – Snobar said. 


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Social media community call for a boycott:

The victim has also complaint of facing threats, pressure and harassment at the hands of the management. She says men have arrived at her residence in an attempt to scare her.

While Snobar has complaints of writing to bloggers and getting no response as they are afraid to condemn a corporate giant, the social media community has sprung in action. Users and customers ask to unconditionally boycott the brand.

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