All institutions of Pakistan are ready for ‘dialogue’ (NRO) except PM Imran Khan


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  • Justice Asif Saeed Khosa has said in his address that he’ll try to initiate the dialogue process, says Khwaja Asif.
  • We are even ready to go to our worst opponents for the sake of dialogue; Khwaja Asif.
  • If the dialogue process won’t be initiated then the country’s situation will become irreversible at some stage, he further said.
  • Hamid Mir says that all institutions are willing for NRO except PM Imran Khan.

Khawaja Asif said in the ‘Point with Malick‘ show that the incumbent Chief Justice of Pakistan has said in his address that he’ll try to initiate the dialogue among the institutions. Khwaja Asif also said that all the stakeholders have a very crucial role in the country including the establishment of Pakistan. The position of the chief justice is neutral constitutionally. But in different time zones, the position of the chief justice has not been neutral especially in the last 10 to 30 years.

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He asserted that the constitution of our country describes the position of the chief justice as the jurisdicture.
He further mentioned that chief justice has taken the initiative for dialogue process 4 to 5 months back and establishment must provide proper support to table the dialogue process as establishment had been at the helm of affairs and what they did was either the support or oppose to any big change in the country over the past 50 to 60 years.

“We are even ready to go to our worst opponents for the sake of dialogue with the condition of sincerity for starting this dialogue process,” Khawaja Asif added.

Hamid Mir then interrupted the talk and said, “Imran Khan would reply to the dialogue process saying that listen carefully there will be no National Reconciliatory Process (NRO).” Muhammad Malik stated that we’re talking about the preservation of democracy, not for self-preservation.

“I’m privy to things. Not once, not twice may be dozens of times at the highest level of the state same thing which I’m talking about have already been discussed. There’s a willingness on the part of all the institutions of this country,” Khawaja Asif said while showing his willingness to start a dialogue process for the sake of NRO.

“Minus Prime Imran Khan,” Hamid Mir again interrupted the talk and said that all institutions might be willing for the dialogue process except for the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“If the dialogue process won’t be initiated by those who can do it including me, Hamid Mir or Kashif Abbassi then the country’s situation(which is already in the doldrums) will become irreversible at some stage,” Khawaja Asif further said.

“There’s is a need to witness the larger picture as things are not as simple as they think they are. If the dialogue process is not an option then there will be great silence(crisis) in the country,” said the journalist and anchorperson Muhammad Malick as the end note of the show.

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