All the pictures and videos from Junaid Safdar’s wedding events

The wedding festivities of PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz’s son Junaid Safdar are going on in full swing. Pictures and videos from different events have taken the internet by storm.

First, it was the singing of Hamza Shehbaz and later Maryam Nawaz’s which got the internet talking. The Mehendi ceremony was held in Islamabad last night and it won’t be wrong to say that the PML-N vice president is enjoying her son’s wedding to the fullest.

Here are all the pictures and videos from Junaid Safdar and Ayesha Saif’s wedding festivities:



Earlier, during an interview, Junaid Safdar had revealed that he would be going to UK following the conclusion of his wedding festivities in Pakistan. The new Covid-19 variant might have affected Junaid Safdar and Ayesha Saif’s honeymoon plans as well. The grandson of the PML N supremo said that his honeymoon plans were all set but now they are waiting for further information related to coronavirus.

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