Alleged Of Selling Vote, PTI Lawmaker Rips Show Cause Notice And Demands An Apology From Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf’s lawmaker, who was found culpable of selling votes during Senate elections, rips apart his show cause notice. Qurban Ali, tore the notice into pieces and demanded an apology from Imran Khan as well.  20 lawmakers alleged of being involved in corrupting the Senate election process gathered at Qurban Ali’s residence in Nowshera to discuss the issue.

Among them, Abdul Razak, Wajeehuz Zaman, Zahid Durrani, Yaseen Khalil, Nargis Ali, Javed Naseem Hayat, Nagina Khan are included among those present in the meeting.
Talking to the media post meeting, Yaseen Khalil, Qurban Ali and Wajeehuz Zaman said that issuance of show cause notice to them is a ‘violation of human rights’. They also blamed their party leader Imran Khan for using them as sacrificial lambs to have a firm foothold in Punjab.
He said that if Khan doesn’t apologize to them within 15 days, they will reveal all the details. He also said that they will take the matter to the courts if Khan doesn’t publically express regret.

‘’We will reveal all the facts’’ – he said speaking to the media (source: Daily Times)

The leaders also claimed that the party tickets are sold in Rs 40 million each. Concluding his address, Qurban Ali Shah ripped the show cause notice and demanded a judicial inquiry to probe deeper into the matter.

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