This Alumini’s Note To His Ex-School Shows How Private Schools Are Manipulating People For Money

Education is the only asset for nations that facilitate their progress. Educational institutions are morally responsible to provide the children with knowledge and values, but where the focus shifts from due duties to only making money, that is where it all crumbles.

Private schools and their absurd fee policies have been under discussion repeatedly but they have never seemed to care much about it and have continued with the shameless practice of manipulating their students. Parents of children studying in private schools have risen their voice against the injustice and have protested against the unfair 13% rise in fee contrary to 5% permissible by law.

An ex-student of Beaconhouse, Sami Shakeel, rose voice against it and took to social media to express his concerns.
He told that when the repeated protests didn’t cast any impact on the administration’s policy, the parents of the children studying in the private schools headed to court to avail justice. The court explicitly ordered the parents do not pay fee till the until the decision is taken and the students will not face suspension for it.

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Other institutions FPS, City School and Headstart followed the court’s orders, Beaconhouse continued with this insensitive behavior. He added that the school is forcing to pay the fee by threatening using cheap tactics like they will be suspended and not be allowed to give the exam.
Here is what he said:

The unfortunate condition reflects the inconsideration of private institutions. They are completely unconcerned about the mental stress and impact it has on the studies of the students.

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