Alyzeh Gabol finally discloses her relationship status with Malik Riaz’s grandson Zoraiz Malik

The actress and model has finally responded to the much wondered question.

Alyzeh Gabol relationship status

Following months of speculations and attacks by Aasia Amer, Alyzeh Gabol has finally opened up about her relationship status with Zoraiz Malik. During an Instagram Q&A session with fans, the actress and model answered much wondered questions as well as giving some advices to fans.

A fan asked Alyzeh Gabol her relationship status with Malik Riaz’s grandson. Replying to the question, Alyzeh Gabol did confirm that they signed the divorce papers. She said that ‘this question has to be addressed as people can be very dumb to figure out on their own’.

“In Islam, its all about the niyat and not signing the papers you don’t wish to. Secondly, if that happens, you got 90 days to reconcile and take the papers back so Alhamdulilah we are married.”

“Hope, this answer serves right to everyone’s curiosity,” she concluded.

Alyzeh Gabol also revealed her vacation destinations during her recent trip as he was spotted with her husband. “We went to Milan, Florence, Zurich, Interlaken and Paris,” she revealed.

Alyzeh gabol vacation

Furthermore, replying to a fan who asked her for advice as people bash her for her dark skin, Alyzeh said: “Be confident in you skin. Dark skin is beautiful and I’m sure, you’re beautiful inside out.” She advised her fan to ignored the haters.

The actress and model also hopes to launch her NGO soon. Alyzeh also advised a fan to invest in Non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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