Did model Alyzeh Gabol secretly tie the knot with Malik Riaz’s nephew? [VIRAL PHOTOS]

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Sources have revealed that model Alyzeh Gabol has tied the knot with Malik Riaz’s nephew.

Earlier this year, Alyzeh took everyone by surprise with her wedding, but she kept the identity of her husband hidden. The model tied the knot in Dubai in the presence of friends and family.

The news recently came out when a woman named Mubashara Ali revealed the details while commenting on Gabol and her friends’ Insta live session.

Rumor has it that Alyzeh Gabol’s husband’s name is Zoraiz Malik, and he is the nephew of tycoon Malik Riaz. It also came to light that the two have an age difference of 10 years, with Gabol being ten years older. Previously, he is said to have been married to his cousin.

Alyzeh Gabol

Formally, Alyzeh was married to a man named Osama, and the couple had a daughter together. Unfortunately, the couple could not get along and split up.

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