Amazon is now registering Pakistani companies. Here’s all that you need to now about it

Pakistan has forwarded the list of authorized sellers dealing in surgical goods, sports goods, and home textile sector.


Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is all set to flourish by registering the country’s leading exporters with Amazon. The U.S e-commerce giant accepted the offer of registering 38 exporters from Pakistan on its platform.

The country has forwarded the list of authorized sellers dealing in surgical goods, sports goods, and the home textile sector.

The arrangement was stated last week by the adviser to the PM on Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razzak Dawood, while chairing a meeting with the National e-Commerce Council. During the meeting, a short video message by the Director-General of the World Trade Organization was shared where he appreciated the e-commerce policies of Pakistan.

Abdul Razzak Dawood also spoke about the progress of the e-commerce policy since October 2019. He highlighted the efforts of both the public and private sectors in the successful implementation of the policy.

The advisor added that the Ministry of Commerce would continue to engage with the foreign exchange of the country while exploring a new market for merchants. In this regard, the registration of Pakistani sellers with Amazon is a new milestone.

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  • بہت خوشی ہوئی اس خبر سے ، اللہ میرے پیارے وطن پاکستان کو مزید ترقی عطا فرمائیں، اور اللہ پاکستان کے عوام کے عزت پوری دنیا میں پھیلائے

  • Amazon is going to take all the e-commerce share, pakistan should have promoted it’s own e-commerce websitess like china did. It’s going to give little benefit to pakistan as amazon is usa based.

  • Amazing news! 10 years late but it’s step in the right direction. While working with e-commerce giant Amazon, PakistanI Government should try to create JV between Government & Private sector for domestic e-commerce platform (just like eBay & Amazon) with online payment (like PayPal or Alipay) for Pakistani consumers. E-commerce business is expected to quadruple in next 5 years. It’s a great opportunity for Pakistani governments and private sector to invest in it. 

  • Only handful cronies given opportunity not for all Pakistanis

    I m in Malaysia manufacturing liquid fertiliser but I can’t register in Amazon. Its long way to go.

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