‘America will exit Afghanistan within 20 months’

It was agreed upon as 9th round of talks conclude on the matter.



As the ninth round of talks concludes between the Taliban and the US, both parties agree on a full withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan within the span of ’15 to 20′ months. As the third day ended, the mutual consensus was reached and as Taliban assure of counter-terrorism from their side.

As Afghan national media sources report, both sides will formally sign a peace deal in the upcoming days which will be followed by intra-Afghan negotiations.

As part of the peace deal, the strength of the US forces will decrease from current 14000 to only 5000. The troops will be withdrawn from the five American bases. However, since these bases are ‘small’, it won’t impact the overall situation in Afghanistan, according to President Ghani.

Who will sign the peace agreement on the Taliban’s behalf?


Credible sources from Taliban previously indicated to a formal agreement with the US to be finalized soon. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar will be signing the peace agreement with the States.

Taliban’s ex-ambassador for Pakistan, who served in the position in the late 1990s, told TOLO News, an Afghan reporting source that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar will be signing the agreement with the US.

Zaeef further added that as the mutual agreement is finalized, the Taliban will not be having any links with the terrorist organizations afterward. As the talks’ progress, both sides are expected to discuss the implementation of the peace agreement while they stay in Doha as well.

A Taliban spokesman revealed that US forces top commander Gen Scott Miller was also part of the first day of the Doha peace talks. Amrullah Saleh, Afghan vice presidential candidate, and former NDS chief, however, gave a clear statement that the US-Taliban talks will only determine the fate of the Taliban, not Afghans.

“We are not scared of the Taliban… Our concern is from the four individuals are negotiating with the US out of the country, out of the Afghan culture, out of the Afghan identity,” Saleh said.

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