This American City Celebrates ‘Shahid Afridi Day’ Every Year To Honor His Cricketing Achievements

Pakistan’s obsession with cricket is no lie. It is something that can distract the people of this part of the world from literally anything, and it has proven to be an escape countless times. But, this sport definitely has more recognition here and America is more inclined towards other sports. So, having a day named after a cricketing legend in America doesn’t happen quite often.
Just like when the things are going down, and the results are certain but when Shahid Afridi steps on the pitch, he ignites a flicker of hope not only in every Pakistani but every single cricket fan across the globe.

Shahid Afridi has not let us down here as well. The city of Port Arthur, Texas celebrates Shahid Afridi day on February 5th every year since 2014. This shows that the power and impact Afridi holds is not only in the hearts of Pakistanis but also in the entire world as well. This, considering the fact that cricket is not a popular sport in America, is quite one of a kind achievement. The day was named after Afridi when he visited Texas back in 2014 to raise funds for his foundations.

The mayor of Texas handed him the keys to the city gate to honor him for his achievements. Shahid Afridi took to Twitter thanking the city of Texas for honoring him in such a unique and honorable manner, giving him the privilege that not many cricketers hold. He also showed that he is thankful to the mayor for recognizing his achievements. He expressed his immense delight and pride in being able to represent Pakistan not only nationally but internationally as well.

It is certain that Afridi will be celebrated and cherished for a long time in the cricketing world for what he achieved and the love he received.

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