This American Mother Took Her Kids To Vandalize Mosques – See The Video Here

The number of assaults and cases of hate crime against Muslims in the United States of America have risen significantly in a previous couple of years. According to analysis report of hate crimes by PEW Research Center, based on hate crime statistics by FBI, the current figure has surpassed the year 2011 as well. Not to forget that 2011 was the year of the tragic 9/11 incident, after which the discriminatory acts of hatred rose to a daunting level.

The research showed that there were 127 reported cases in 2016 while in 2011, the reported cases where 93.
Along with the reasonable fear of bodily harm, the hate crimes vary in nature from mild verbal abuse to beating. It is believed that the major contributing factor in this worrying increase is President Trump’s extreme remarks and anti-Muslim sentiments that he chooses to express publically without any filters.

The results haven’t been quite pleasing. Couple days after the letters about ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ in London went viral across social media, a video of an American mother forcing her children to hate on Muslims and makes trips with her kids to vandalize mosques – pretty healthy parenting technique, isn’t it?

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In the video she is seen stressing that this is America and Sharia Law doesn’t comply with the US constitution, hence Muslims don’t belong here. Here is the video:

She is further seen telling her kids that Muslims have rather ‘infiltrated’ America. She is seen mocking and making fun of the people of faith. However, the woman who posted the video has previously been a part of Arizona Patriot Movement, that shows that openly expressing such derogatory remarks against someone due to the difference of religion is quite an accepted practice in these claiming-liberal western societies.

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