Amid rumors of fleeing Pakistan, Anchor Imran Riaz Khan surprises everyone with his presence at Long March

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has been in headlines recently, following his long march.

Renowned journalist Imran Riaz Khan surprised the public after he appeared at Imran Khan’s jalsa, following the propaganda that he had fled the country.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has been in headlines recently, following his long march. He also gave an interview to Imran Riaz Khan, talking about the ‘haqeeqi azaadi’ march and the rising heat in the political atmosphere of Pakistan.

Imran Riaz Khan interviews PTI Chairman

Imran Khan remarked that the current climate situation is worse than Musharraf’s martial law, and added that when Azam Swati and Shahbaz Gill were tortured, they were told that he would face the same.

Khan further added that he is not scared of intimidation, and those who want to destroy the country’s ‘biggest political party’ are cowards. He went on to add that the rule of law and accountability holds for everyone, and without it, there’s no future for Pakistan.

Controversies against the journalist

In July 2022, news was spread that the news reporter was trying the flee the country, but was offloaded from a flight from Lahore to Dubai. His name was also added to the black list by the FIA.

While talking about the matter, Imran Khan also tweeted that the journalist was, in fact, kept in ‘cage,’ where civilized nations wouldn’t keep animals. He further wrote that all those who are behind such an action should be ashamed.

The anchor also gained a lot of respect and love from the people following his arrest. The Police took him into custody from Attock, where they told that an FIR would be filed against him. However, he was implicated in a series of cases, which were due to his decision to not stop ‘speaking the truth.’ FIRs were also registered against him in cities, including Muzzafargarh, and Sargodha.

Hurdles put in the journalist’s way

Despite facing a lot of restrictions and hurdles, Imran Riaz Khan has still stayed loyal to Imran Khan, his professsion and speaking the truth.

Hence, his appearance in public, following a slew of scandals was nothing but shocking for the public.


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