Amir Mateen tried to advise Jemima about parenting but she totally owned him

Response of the British heiress on Mateen's tweet was epic.


The ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jemima Goldsmith, is as popular among Pakistanis, as she used to be before her separation from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairperson.

Since then, everything she writes on Twitter gets intense coverage online, even if she posts something that is not related to Pakistan.

Recently, Jemima tweeted on a lighter note as to how her son can only play sports with her due to the lockdown. She tweeted, “My son is very relieved he can now play football and cricket, but only with me.”

While responding to Jemima’s tweet, a famous Pakistani journalist Amir Mateen completely missed the humor and said, “Sad. He should have a normal life and pursue his interests.”

However, the response of the British heiress on Mateen’s tweet was epic.

“Love that some people (in Pakistan) have interpreted this as I am just a really overprotective, over-involved-mother,” She tweeted.

Public response on Mateen’s tweet

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  • I think, both did joke each other in different means, but the people get another pandora box to play with. hahaha.. seem like, they have no creativity and waiting for some pandora box, i mean this by Pakistani Peoples. hahaha. at the moments, they are behind Turkish model wearing western dresses. Turkish people don’t want any one interfare with their cultures. being pakistani Nation, we always welcome intruder in our country with the lectures of humanity and religion faith.. hope so, we someday will learn and improve our inner.

  • Mateen is a NERD period. Lack of humor and fraud cover of journalism by these lefafa criminals haram khors have idea or comprehension abilities.

    Completely missed the humor.. Jemima Apologies from Pakistan.


    You would have been a great first lady. Thank YOU. Ignore the retarded Nerd.

  • پاکستان میں ہر بندہ دوسرے کے کام کا ماہر ہے سواۓ اپنے کام کے.

  • “And you are meant to be a journalist, no wonder the media in our country is so messed up.”

    This one sentence is enough to explain standards of amir mateen, hamid mir Jafar, talat, asma shirazi, salem safi, klasra & other so called journalists.

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