Amir Mateen Warns People That This Chinese Company’s Products Have Manufacturing Faults – Know What Happened

In Pakistan, due to lack of awareness and education about consumer’s rights, the customer base is easily exploited by the service providers. As not many of us know and those who do, don’t bother with it much, usually the services we get in return of one of the most valuable commodity humans have i.e money is not of equal value. This reflects it well.

A while back, a company with the name Changhong Ruba made quite the buzz in the market and became customer’s preferred choice among the established brands. The reason why this particular name attracted a large number of customers was that it worked, it was cheap and equally visually pleasing as its more expensive competitors.

The company has established a repute in China and was also named in World’s top 500 companies but recently consumers in Pakistan have faced some issues with it. This is definitely not the first time when Chinese products have been criticized for low quality. As in Pakistan, importers know that they can get away with selling low-quality products at a higher price point because the buyers are not educated about their rights as a consumer.

Source: www.fixya.com_support

Journalist Amir Mateen took to Twitter awaring people about the issue as well. He mentioned that Changhong Ruba is having critical manufacturing faults He stated that he personally experienced the issue as half of the TV’s bought for office and personal use have started to have issues within months defying the two-year warranty. The after-sale is bad too.

But the question is, where does the issue lie? Is it the ‘Chinese’ products or what we are obtaining from them? Due to complete failure of quality control and regulation, our importers go for the cheapest products compromising on the quality.  People also expressed similar concerns and highlighted that they have had a similar experience with the company’s products as well and the issue reflects the failure of quality control and consumer’s rights protection in Pakistan.

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