‘Amma’ from drama Chupke Chupke looks completely different in real life [PICTURES]

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Ramzan special dramas add all the more fun to Ramzan. Looking forward to them after Iftari every day becomes a family activity. 

Drama serial Chupke Chupke is being loved by the public immensely. Funny characters and a strong storyline make the drama amongst one of the favorites this Ramazan.

Every character has a unique presence in the play; however, the role of ‘Amma,’ Osman Khalid Butt’s dadi, is everyone’s favorite.

The character of Amma is played by actress and stage performer, Uzma Beg. However, Uzma looks completely different in real life. The actress is way younger in reality than her character in the drama.

Here is how the actress looks like in real life:




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  • Obviously she looks different in real life….reel life is not real life. Is she supposed to look the same in real life as well ?

  • Her acting is very brilliant and realistic. Her accent of Saraiki is really cool. Loving it.

  • She has worked very hard to get here. She is a lioness. Best of luck to her.

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