WATCH: Amna Ilyas reveals she is ‘no longer a lesbian’ in her latest interview

In the interview, Amna Ilyas also revealed that if she wasn't a model, she would have been a 'female wrestler'.

Amna Ilyas sits down with Wajahat Rauf for an interview

Amna Ilyas’ interview with the Voice Over Man has once again sent the internet in a frenzy.

The infamous Wajahat Rauf or the ‘Voice Over Man’ is known for his unconventional interviews with celebrities. He asks questions that some may deem ‘inappropriate’ but still doesn’t fail to make his guests laugh.

One of his recent guests was Ilyas. She sat down with Rauf for a light-hearted and fun interview. The host was quick to ask a bunch of personal questions from the model.

The interview

The interviewer asked Amna was about her ‘sexuality‘, to which she joked that she isn’t a ‘lesbian’ anymore, and is very much interested in men.

There was also a ‘True or False’ round in the interview. In this, the host asked Amna if the reason she doesn’t work in the fashion industry is that there is an increased demand for male models, and no one pays attention to female models anymore.

The superstar responded by saying that no one paid attention to them before as well. She also said that she is the most trolled on social media for her clothes and ‘funny skits’.

In the interview, Amna Ilyas revealed that if she wasn’t a model, she would have been a ‘female wrestler’.

Watch the interview:

Who is Amna Ilyas?

She is a popular figure in the entertainment industry. Ilyas is one of Pakistan’s top models and has also won the ‘Model of the Year’ award.

She appeared as a judge in ‘Veet Miss Super Model’. Amna is a big name in the country, and made her acting debut in Bollywood in 2013, starring alongside Nasiruddin Shah.

The model has also been featured in films, including Ready Steady No, Saat Din Muhabbat In, and Baaji. Alongside movies, she has appeared in a number of drama serials.

She is also a controversial figure in the industry, who often finds herself in hot waters for her bold statements and videos.

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  • Stupid and vulgar.

    They think they are modern but actually the most ignorant people.

    May Allah show them the right path.

  • Absolutely gutter celebrities and junkyard crap interviewers. They live in their own petty small world while our shit media promotes them and then cry foul over sad state of affairs of this Islamic state.

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