‘Among the 28 countries surveyed, Pakistanis have the most casual attitude against COVID-19’, Gallup

Only 23% people are using masks.

About 43% of Pakistanis are yet to take precautionary measures against the novel COVID-19. According to a recent Gallup International survey, this is the highest percentage of citizens among 28 nations that took part in the poll.

The results are alarming for Pakistan, as the virus is spreading at a fast rate, with already 26 casualties at the moment. The survey was conducted in March 2020, and it shows that nearly half of the Pakistani population is still not taking the contagious disease seriously.

Adult men and women of all four provinces in the country were asked only one question, ‘Which of the following precautionary procedures, if any, have you adopted to protect yourself from the virus: Using medical masks, wearing gloves, using hand sanitizers, staying in the house/limiting social interaction, washing hands frequently and self-quarantining?’

What are the statistics for Pakistan?

Only 26% Pakistanis said they are using medical masks, 13% said they are wearing gloves, 10% claimed using hand sanitizer, 43% agreed to wash their hands more frequently, 20% said they are limiting their social interaction by staying inside their houses and only 3% admitted that they have put themselves in quarantine.

On the contrary, 43% admitted that they have not taken any precautionary measures yet. The virus has infected over 872,893 people worldwide, 43,271 have died from the virus while 184,588 have recovered from COVID-19.

In Pakistan, there are currently 2,039 cases, out of which 82 have recovered from the disease.

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