Do you know EXACTLY how much age gap these famous celebrity couples share? Know here!

When you picture your perfect partner, you probably think of someone who is somewhat your own age, or at least in the same generation as yours. But love doesn’t always work that way, and some couples make it work despite a huge age gap. These May-December romances, as they’re called, have faced their share of criticism, but they’re still going strong.

Here is a list of top Pakistani couples with a huge age gap.

Shoaib Akhtar and Rubab Khan

Shoaib Akhtar was 41 years old when he got married to Rubab Khan, who was 23 years old at the time.

Goher Mumtaz and Anam Ahmed

Goher Mumtaz is currently 39 years old, whereas his celebrity wife Anam Ahmed is only 26 years old.

Babar Khan and Bisma Khan

Babar Khan remarried after he lost his celebrity wife, Sana Khan, in a tragic accident. His current wife, Bisma, is almost 14 years younger than Babar.

Wasim Akram and Shaniera Akram

The couple tied the knot when Wasim Akram was 50 years old, and Shaniera was 33 years old.

Syed Noor and Saima Noor

Syed Noor’s second wife, Saima Noor, is 16 years younger than him. 

Faysal Qureshi and Sana Faysal

Faysal Qureshi’s first wife parted ways a few years after they got married. He got married for the second time to Sana Faysal, who is 10 years younger than him.

Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan
Muneeb Butt is 28 years old, and Aiman Khan is 21. Muneeb always looked at Aiman as a kid when they first met, and he never imagined even getting married to her. Once they fell in love, the age difference was of no consequence.

Hira Mani and Mani

Hira Mani and her husband Salman Saqib, popularly known as Mani, have a 13 years age difference. Hira Mani was only 19 years old when she married Mani, who was 32 years old at that time.

Mehmood Aslam and Nausheen
Mehmood Aslam’s second wife, Nausheen, is 10 years younger than him.

Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi

Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi’s wedding was the talk of the town. Yasra Rizvi got married to a man who was 12 years younger than her. Yasra was 36 years old, whereas Abdul Hadi was only 24 years old at that time.

Shaan Shahid and Aamina Shaan

The couple shares a big age gap. Aamina Shaan is nearly 10 years younger than Shaan.

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan also have a big age gap. Danish Taimoor is currently 37 years old, and Ayeza Khan is only 29 years old.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

Iqra and Yasir decided to get married even though Iqra was quite young at that age as they were sick and tired of all the criticism they were getting from the public. Yasir Hussain is 14 years older than Iqra.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar also share a significant age difference between them as well. Hamza Ali Abbasi is 10 years older than Naimal Khawar.

Aamir liaquat and Tuba Aamir

The age difference between Aamir Liaquat and Tuba Aamir is massive, which is why they also came under severe criticism when their marriage became public. There is a 23 years age difference between the two, Aamir Liaquat is 23 years older than Tuba.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir

The adorable couple also shares a considerable age gap. Sarah Khan is 28 years old, and Falak Shabbir is 34 years old, there is a 6 years difference between the two.

Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal

The most controversial couple has a big age gap. Shahroz is 35 years old, and Sadaf Kanwal is 26 years old. There is an age difference of 9 years between them.

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  • 6-8 years gap is fine specially when both husband and wife are over 25. However, anything over 10 years is a generation apart!

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