An Electric Train from Islamabad Airport to Murree is being launched

The minister's tweet reminded people that the government is fast-tracking to normalize the electric public transport in the country.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, took to Twitter to announce that the government is currently studying a proposal to start a fully automated electric train service from Islamabad Airport to Murree.

The said tweet was released in response to a tweet sent out by Radio Pakistan’s official channel that commented on the Ministry of Information’s electric bus service plans:

In the tweet, the minister said:

The next major project is the automatic electric train from Islamabad Airport to Murree. The project’s study has begun, and a meeting has been held with the planning ministry in this regard.

Fawad Chaudhry also announced:

Almost 38 electric buses are set to start rolling on the capital city roads beginning from December.

The minister’s tweet reminded people that the government is fast-tracking to normalize the electric public transport in the country.

Reports state that two MoUs have already been signed with two major electric bus manufacturers to initiate the project. These manufacturers have geared up to bring major investment and production plants to the country.

Concluding the tweet, Fawad Chaudhry commented:

The electric public transport project will bring prosperity to the country, create work opportunities, and play a massive role in saving the environment. The train project will change the face of tourism and travel in Pakistan.

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  • مری کے پہاڑییوں کو کوئی تمیز سکھانے کا بھی بندوبست کریں.

  • Abhey ullu k pathey khotey ki aulaad….do you knw the difference between “studying a proposal” and “launching” a train service? ghatya insaan…

  • Yeh bharve Karachi k saare mansoobe kab dekheinge?? Jo shehar pure mulk ki maaeshat chalata ussi ko ignore kya jaraha hai.. bhenchodon pehle Khi ko dekho phir baqi k sheharon ki baat karo.. main taraqqi k khilaaf nahi ho lekin taraqqi sahi jagah honi chahiye jahan potential hai.. mc

  • Why the hell were you against the orange train then? That too when it was for a city like Lahore. For whichever project you have criticized MLN for, the same things have you followed later but in a much worst manner. No electric train is needed unless all of them are laid out in Karachi first. Karachi is the only city where you can justify such spendings in the present scenario.

  • This is nothing new……this was planned long time ago and even work was started on this……….even before Fawad Ch. was born…..and even before Shareef’s were not in politics…….only thing is now with too much population and transportation between Rwp. and Isb. this has to be completed …there is no way out.

  • It’s a good idea to launch fast electric train from Islamabad International Airport to Murree and Islamabad International Airport to Rawat in order to over. come the travelling problems of common man as well as to protect the environment.

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