ANALYSIS | Taliban vs TTP/BSNS: Are they the same?

The TTP has fought the Pakistani state at the behest of Indian RAW and NDS.

Taliban vs TTP/BSNS

Taliban in Afghanistan fought an impartial and ideological war against the occupation of foreign forces for two decades. However, the Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) and the Baloch Sub-Nationalists (BSN) have initiated a ruthless campaign against their state and military.

There is a need to highlight the fact that there is no parallel between the Taliban’s struggle against foreign occupation and TTP/BSNs’ fight against the state through diverse media.


The TTA is based on ideology fighting against foreign occupation forces as per Shariah. In contrast, TTP/BSNS are based on anti-Shariah ideology fighting against the Afghan government at the behest of criminals/ foreign proxies/ state.

TTP was created to coerce Pakistan for the vested interest of HIAS. However, the Taliban’s narrative convinced Afghan people to justify their war and presented Ashraf Ghani Government-led regime as corrupt and puppet of foreign masters.

TTP/BSNS as Foreign Proxies:

The TTP has fought the Pakistani state at the behest of Indian RAW and NDS. They have killed their own citizens without any legal and moral justification. Similarly, BSNS has staged insurgency against the state instigated and supported Afghanistan and India. However, there is no parallel between the Afghan Taliban’s just war and unjust wars by TTP and BSNs.

TTP Sanctuaries in Afghanistan:

The TTP terrorists have been operating from Afghanistan and have carried out terrorist activities in Pakistan for two decades. The UN report highlighted that thousands of anti-Pakistan militants are serving in Afghanistan and involved in cross-border operations. The TTP and groups like the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) have found a haven in Afghanistan.

UN Report Salient of the report about TTP are as under:

The TTP organization was responsible for more than 100 cross-border attacks between July and October 2020 and killed 80,000 Pakistani since they appeared first in 2007.
The organization was driven out of erstwhile tribal areas by Pakistan when it launched a full-scale military offensive in 2014.

Following this, the Pakistani government had requested many times to the Afghan government to eliminate the TTP safe havens in the northeastern Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan. The Kabul government did not pay attention to such a demand.

Taliban vs TTP/BSNS

This unmasks the Afghan government’s connection with India and willingness to let India use Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan Indian Support to Terrorists Organization HIAs, especially RAW, have been involved in terrorism. It provides terrorist organization training and supports them by providing arms and ammunition against the state.

Pakistan provided the dossier to the UN:

Pakistan has provided evidence of Indian involvement in Pakistan and its links with the BLA and the TTP, highlighting India’s funding, arming, and training to terrorists, including the TTP and BSNS.”

Pakistan as a Common Enemy:

RAW and NDS Agenda Afghan and Indian intelligence agencies gave funds and other assistance to Pakistani Taliban militants to destabilize Pakistan.

Taliban Stance on Terrorist Groups. Taliban government in Kabul has ensured that the TTP will not be provided any space in Afghanistan to operate against Pakistan. Pakistan Govt has offered Amnesty to Terrorist Groups. The country announced that  it could pardon TTP members if they laid down arms, abandoned the group’s ideology, and adhered to the country’s constitution.

The Taliban built their narrative around ideology, culture, identity, and history to win the hearts and minds of fellow citizens.

There is no parallel between Taliban and TTP/BSNS because the Taliban fought for plausible cause against the occupation of foreign forces. However, TTP/BSNs have initiated a ruthless campaign against their own state and people.

After the Taliban victory, the TTP/BSNS space was eliminated from Afghanistan because RAW and NDS supported them. The TTP/BSNS should accept the amnesty offer from Pakistan, and the state must try to de-radicalize them by addressing their grievances.

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