Another 15 lives lost: 5 years on, Sindh government has no plan to tackle heatstroke

For another year, heatstroke claims the lives of 15 people in Sindh's Sehwan.

The death toll for devotees Lal Shahbaz Qalandar has increased to 15 in various parts of Sehwan, Sindh. Despite the province facing the curse for a 5th consecutive year, the Sindh government has absolutely failed to bring forth any plan to combat the challenge.

No significant plantation drive or awareness campaign has been launched to educate the public on how to deal with the crisis. Despite the scorching heat, no water camps were set up to assist the people in Sehwan.

Last year during May, Edhi reported that 65 people lost their lives in a course of three days in Karachi. Rather than addressing it, Sindh’s Health Secretary Dr Fazlullah Pechuho blatantly rejected that any of them lost their lives to heatstroke. He said that all of them had pre-existing ailments, although Edhi authorities stated that they died due to weather extremity and not receiving adequate treatment in time.

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The stance has been similar this year as well. Deputy Commissioner of Jamshoro and chairman of the Mela Committee Fareeduddin Mustafa said that even people died in Sehwan during the last four days, while the cause of death was not the heatstroke. He added that they died either in evening or night – times of the day when ‘no heatstroke was likely’. 

He added that  Syed Abdullah Shah Institute of Health and Sciences is a credible health institute and the reports coming from Edhi are not correct. Talking to a local media news outlet, Dr Moeen Siddiqui said that no one died due to heatstroke. Seven dead bodies were brought from different parts of the city in two days. He said that the examination revealed the causes of deaths were chest pain, liver failure and heart attack. He concluded saying they were all suffering from chronic diseases and were not taking medicines for it.

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