Another ‘Ayesha’ Joins PTI And VERY Excited Twitter Started Speculating

We are used to seeing PTI in the headlines, however, this time they made the highlights for something that most Pakistanis are unanimous and undivided about regardless of political affiliations.
People got pretty excited when the news of Aeisha Varsey, one of Pakistan’s renowned designers, joining PTI broke.
People were curious, excited and were scribbling their keyboards to find more about what’s cooking.

However, the news was later verified by PTI’s social media accounts that Aeisha Varsey has now joined the party and is the new president of Hazara Division.

When the pictures of Aeisha with her new leader Imran Khan floated, people were quite curious to know what’s going on.

Few were a little too fast in judging what happened. Here is an example:

However, people said they ‘dont’ mind this either *winks*

After the frenzy and wild guessing, Aeisha also took to her Twitter expressing her sentiments.

People are clearly overwhelmed and are planning to move to Hazara *with due respect*

Aur achi hai wesay…


People are overall drooling over her, well for all the right reasons. They are congratulating her and seem quite happy with the news.

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below.





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