Another food enthusiast has landed in Pakistan and we are all set to treat him!

Soon after Mark Weins took a tour across Pakistan, trying different popular Pakistani cuisines and falling in love with every single one of them – another food enthusiast from China is our guest and we are making sure to make him fall in love with our food as well.

Trevor James, also popularly known as The Food Ranger, is currently in Pakistan and enjoying the food. All the international travellers, tourists and social media influencers, who have come to Pakistan defying western media’s propaganda about how unsafe the country is, have particularly fallen in love with two things here: 1) the hospitality of the people and how they treated them with love and dignity & 2) of course, the food – who can do it better than us?

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“Pakistanis are known for their love of food, large-heartedness, and their generosity. During my one-month trip to the country I will have a chance to discover its richness and amazing power of its cuisine” – he said speaking to CG Muhammad Mudassir Tipu.
He has already landed in Pakistan the past weekend and been to iconic Monal restaurant already. He is accompanied by Ali Hamdani, the same man who turned Mark Weins journey to Pakistan into a reality. He will visit different parts of the country and also to villages trying out the food. In his recent post, he speaks about how he has already fallen in love with the country.
He was most recently seen in Lahore, enjoying the special Nihari. We welcome him in the country and hope he can have experience of his lifetime in beautiful Pakistan.
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