Another horrifying motorway gang-rape case grips the nation

Reports state that the young woman has been sent for a medical exam, and a DNA sample has been taken.

Gojra motorway

According to media reports, another horrific motorway gang rape case was documented on Thursday. This time the victim is an 18-year-old woman lured into a fake job offer and gang-raped on the M-4 motorway in Gojra.

Details of the Incident

Police officials investigating the incident stated:

The suspects lured the young woman from Toba Tek Singh on the pretext of offering her a job at a boutique in Gojra. They raped her in a car on the motorway and fled after throwing her at the Faisalabad Interchange.

FIR of the incident registered

The 18-year-old survivor’s paternal aunt registered an FIR. Sharing the details of how it began, she said:

My 18-year-old niece received a message on her mobile phone for a job interview in the city. When we reached the location, the suspects shifted my niece into a car and took her with them. However, instead of interviewing her, they raped her on the motorway.

Toba Tek Singh motorway

Investigation begins to detain suspects

Reports state that the young woman has been sent for a medical exam, and a DNA sample has been taken. Based on the evidence gathered from the job interview details, the police have taken a suspect into custody. Regarding the investigation, the police officials said:

The main suspect of the case, Hammad, is being interrogated while a search is underway to find his accomplices.

CM Buzdar highly involved in the case

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and Inspector-General Rao Sardar Ali have taken notice of the incident and said:

Justice must be ensured for the victim on a priority basis.

According to media reports, the CM office has sought regular case reports from the Faisalabad RPO and have ordered the immediate arrest of the suspects so that stern legal action can be taken against them.

Motorway gang rape case, aftermath of woman's car

Previous Motorway Gang-rape Incident

A woman was travelling with her children on the 9th of September 2020 when her car stalled in Gujjarpura as it ran out of fuel. She called her relatives for help and sent them her location on the motorway. While waiting for her relative to pick her and her children up, two armed men attacked the woman.

The attackers took the woman and the children to a nearby forested area where they gang-raped the woman. Later, they robbed her of valuables, which included Rs. 100,000 cash, two gold jewelry pieces, a bracelet, a car registration card, and three ATM cards, and left her stranded. 

The horrific incident shook the collective conscience of the entire nation and triggered countrywide outrage. The appalling incident set off a debate on the alarming rise in the cases of sexual violence in the country, as well as the inability of the law enforcement mechanism to provide security to citizens.

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  • There is a rape epidemic in Pakistan. No on is interested in doing anything to stop this disease.

  • Shoot few rapist thieves kidnappers
    Everything will be okay
    But the thing is who will shoot what’s point taking them to court forensic this n that it’s all drama do simple investigation who ever is involved punished them.hard way if you want clean society for your kids and families

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