Another Incident of Child Abuse Emerges In Kasur : 8 Years Old Abused By Her Own Headmaster

Another day, another tragedy. While the cities of Pakistan are known for their unique atmosphere and cultural identity, Kasur’s image is plagued by the cases of child abuse, sodomy, rape and murders of our innocent children.

Not too soon after Faryal’s vulnerable body was found in cold night on a garbage heap, one more girl has fallen prey to these monsters, however, she lived. The case was shared by Human Rights lawyer Hassan Niazi. According to the copy of FIR shared by him on his Twitter handle, the minor girl was harassed and abused at the hands of her own headmaster.

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It was further shared that the poor girl is also an orphan, who lost her father four years ago. Already struggling through life, the minor girl is now scarred forever due to her abuse at the hands of her own teacher.

Hassan concluded saying that justice delayed is justice denied, and to avoid such incidents from happening, we need to punish the culprits. Here is what he said:

”Just 2 days ago in Kasur- 8 years old girl who lost her father 4 years ago, faced violent sexual harassed in the school by her own headmaster. These cases are piling up and there is no concept of speedy justice and in Pakistan justice delayed means justice destroyed”

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