Infant Lost Life Due To Negligence Of Hospital The Family Turns To Social Media To Demand Justice

Doctors are said to be angels who are given the unique role of helping humans in their most hopeless times. But in Pakistan, unprofessionalism, and irresponsibility of doctors shows a picture otherwise. Not only is this a disgrace to this sacred profession, but also has cost us many lives.
Another similar case emerged recently as a newborn girl who according to her family was perfectly fine and healthy lost her life to the carelessness of doctors.

A close friend of the affected family took to social media to aware people of the incident as Patel Hospital is not responding to their concerns, providing any reports or telling the actual cause of the death.

In his Facebook post, he blamed the Patel Hospital’s administration and Dr. Samina, the doctor who was handling the case, for the death of the girl. On further inquiring, Syed Shiraz told that Dr. Samina first said that the delivery will be normal but at the last moment decided to go for an operation.

After the delivery, the father of the newborn saw his daughter and says that she was in perfect health. However, after some time the doctor came saying that her situation is critical so to proceed with any medical procedure, they need her father to sign the paper, which he did in panic and urgency. Later they came to inform that she is no more.
They gave no explanation to what happened to her or what lead to her death, although she has some wounds and bruises (you can see in the picture) that do raise questions.

The hospital administration provided no details or informed the cause of death. The family protested outside the hospital which caught the attention of media, however, the hospital administration refused to talk to media as well.

The helpless family whom neither the hospital or police are providing any answer has taken to social media now.

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