Ansar Abbasi Told People They Shouldn’t Wish Christmas And It Triggered People – See It Here

Every year on Christmas when you try to wish your Christian friends and contribute to their happiness, there is always that one person who will tell how you should wish them as ‘Merry Christmas’ doesn’t align with Islamic teachings. Well this year, that person was famed journalist Ansar Abbasi. The name is well-known for his conservative and in some instances, absurd take on the opinions.

Just before 25th December, he took to Twitter to ‘educate’ people about the harms Christmas wish can do. His tweet, captioned ‘Christmas per musalmano ko kya kerna chahiye aur kyun’, had a Zakir Naik video included as well.

Naik was talking about the particular issue in this particular bayaan. Being a controversial figure where on one hand he has a massive following and on the other has been snubbed by various religious groups for extremist views, this opinion of Ansar Abbasi also met a divided response.

There were people who supported his point of view whereas some were of argument that this festival goes far beyond than highlighting differences and is all about sharing happiness and celebratory spirit.

See here what people had to say about it:

It was good to see people standing up for each other and trying to send a message of peace.

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