Political parties are no strangers to security wings, what makes JUI-F’s Ansar-ul-Islam different?

The slogan of Ansar ul Islam is: "The leadership's safety is our top priority".

  • Asrar ul Islam is established to protect the top leadership of JUI-F.
  • Ansar ul Islam has it’s ranking and grading system.
  • JUI-F has repeatedly said that their sit-in in Islamabad will be peaceful.


The JUI-F, for its ‘Azadi March’, established a security force Ansar-ul-Islam. The slogan of the security force is “the leadership’s safety is our top priority.”

Ansar-ul-Islam is a military force, which should be banned by the government of Pakistan. This force is all set to protect the leadership of JUI-F when it marches to Islamabad at the end of this month.

These forces and wings are not new in Pakistani politics. Maulana Fazlur Rehman is not the first leader to have a security wing.

Wings of Political Parties

Previously Pakistan People’s Party had people’s Aman Committee and People’s Youth. Tiger force, the wing of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, whereas MQM’s Karachi Tanzeemi Committee and Jamaat-e-Islami’s Shadab-e-Milli Pakistan. All these wings and committees only serve one purpose and that is to make sure the protection of their respective leaders during political rallies.

Moreover, all the politicians have a force of guards who protect them.

JUI-F has a valid point that their party is not the first political party that has a sub-group of force. However, Ansar ul Islam is not just a wing in the JUI-F party; it is an organization in itself.

Ranks and Grades

Ansar ul Islam has its ranking and grading system. The central leader is at the top position, comes after provincial, divisional and Zila leader. Furthermore, a large group of trainees is known as “Volunteers”. Every volunteer must wear a uniform, a Khaki-colored shalwar kameez.

Intelligence Wing

There is also an intelligence wing in the force named after the companion of the Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Huzaifa bin Yaman. Workers of intelligence wing stay in plain clothes. They have to watch police and intelligence force, prevent them from arresting JUI-Fs top leadership. In emergency, intelligence wing creates escape routes for their leaders.

Because of Ansar ul Islam, common people are not allowed to shake hands with the JUI-F leadership. However, JUI-F has repeatedly assured that their sit-in in Islamabad will be peaceful.

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