‘Anti-Pakistan’ posters in Islamabad spike panic and anger

The banners were seen at different parts of the Federal Capital.

Shortly after India revoked Kashmir’s special status, ‘anti-Pakistan’ posters were seen in the Federal Capital Islamabad spiking panic and anger. As per the details and social media posts that, the banners were displayed at different parts of Islamabad and were removed after the photos went viral online.

However, the late response from the authorities and action on such a sensitive matter only following the social media outrage has angered people. The banner which was displayed at different parts of the city showed a statement by Indian lawmakers Shiv Sena and Sanjay Raut.

The statement read that after Jammu and Kashmir, India will now also take over Balochistan and fulfill the dream of Akhand Bharat (undivided, one India).

This is what the banner read:

”Aaj Jammu and Kashmir liya hai. Kal Balochistan, PoK lenge. Mujhe vishwaas hai desh ke PM akhand Hindustan ka sapna poora kerenge”

Translation: ”Today we have taken over Jammu and Kashmir. We will now take over Balochistan and PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir). I am certain that the Prime Minister will fulfill the dream of united/un-divided India”.


The suspect was arrested:

The suspect was arrested from Blue Area and the initial investigation has revealed he received an order for printing and posting banners from a resident of |Punjab’s city Gujranwala.

The banner also had a logo saying ‘Akhand Bharat Real Terror’, which made the citizens uncomfortable. The suspicious banner divided the online community. While some suspected it to be anti-Pakistan, others perceived it as an ‘awareness’ banner with an intention to awaken Pakistani people about India’s intentions.

”It’s height or irresponsibly by capital city police & all other related departments.
Who could think that such anti-Pakistan posters could be found hanging in the Islamabad on main roads & culprits are still safe & unknown? What about safe city camera around the city?”, a Twitter user wrote. 

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