Irrational use of antibiotics is the next big health epidemic in Pakistan

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently organized this event in alliance with National Health Services Ministry.


An event was held yesterday, where it was stated that around 7,00,000 people across the globe die annually because of using antibiotics irrationally. According to sources, if a similar trend continues, the death rate will rise to 10 million a year by the end of 2050. Other than that, the world economy would face a significant setback of $1 trillion.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently organized this event in alliance with National Health Services Ministry. The event was connected to World Antibiotic Awareness Week that is observed every year from November 18th to 24th. This year’s event theme is about the fact that the future of antibiotics lies in the hands of people.

A speaker at the event ascribed about antimicrobial resistance and the previous deaths that happened because of it. Antimicrobial resistance is when bacteria present in your body grow resilience to antibiotics, and it’s a condition that can eventually expose you to many life-threatening infections.

Risk of long-lasting infections:

If the antibiotics stop working, it can lead to long-lasting infections, more visits to hospitals, longer stays in the medical units and the need for more potent and expensive antibiotics. Antimicrobial resistance can, sometimes, lead to serious physical disabilities and in severe cases, death as well.

As mentioned by WHO’s representative for the World Health Emergency Programme, Sofiyan Saeed Khan, illogical antibiotics’ use has increased over time in the country.

He added:

“People started using antibiotics without consulting doctors, and even if they consult doctors they do not complete the course of the medicine due to which resistance in the bacteria increases. Patients should consult professional doctors and complete the course of medication.”

Sofiyan Saeed Khan further said that it had been observed lately that people need twice the dose of medicines to recover from infections like the flu now than they required before. He said: “We have started receiving cases of extensively drug-resistant (XDR) typhoid fever in Karachi. It is just because of the irrational use of antibiotics.”

People also held an awareness march at the event about avoiding antibiotic use, especially for mild infections.

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