Barcelona’s Griezmann cuts ties with Huawei citing “strong suspicions” over its surveillance of Uighur Muslims

The 29-year-old was a global brand ambassador for Huawei and appeared in many advertisements promoting its smartphones.

  • Antoine Griezmann cuts ties with the Chinese tech company ‘Huawei,’ citing fears over the treatment of Muslim Uighurs.

Antoine Griezmann ends his affiliation with Huawei.

The French professional footballer, Antoine Griezmann, has ended his partnership with Huawei over “strong suspicions” that the Chinese tech giant was involved in the surveillance of Uighur Muslims.

Griezmann’s statement followed international media reports that Huawei has tested facial recognition software intended to help China’s surveillance of the ethnic group.

The Barcelona player took to Instagram and shared a post, saying, “Following substantial suspicions that Huawei has been involved in the development of a “Uighur alert” thanks to facial recognition software. I am immediately terminating my partnership with the tech company.”

“I take this opportunity to invite the Huawei company not just to dismiss these allegations, but to take concrete actions to condemn this mass suppression. It must use its influence to contribute to the respect of human rights in society.”

The 29-year-old was a global brand ambassador for Huawei since 2017 and appeared in many advertisements promoting its smartphones.

In this regard, a Huawei spokesperson said, “We would like to extend an invitation to speak with Mr. Antoine Griezmann personally. Moreover, we would like to explain to him the work that is currently being done by the company’s higher management to address the issues of human rights, equality, and discrimination at all levels.”

While addressing claims of a facial recognition system, the spokesperson said, “It is not compatible with Huawei’s values. Our technologies are not designed to recognize ethnic groups.”

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  • Good move but he should also cut ties with all American and US products as these countries have killed are supported the forces who have killed about 3½ million Muslims in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia.

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