Anupam Kher celebrates ‘Hitler’ solution for Kashmir crisis


Panic, fear, and bloodshed grip Kashmir as tensions start to escalate in the valley after additional troops are deployed in the region. Modi-led government has abolished decades-old laws which gave autonomy to the disputed Muslim-majority region.

The move is further expected to escalate tensions in the region and increase chances of the mass uprising as the change in constitution came without any consultation with opposition members, debates and Kashmiri leaders.

India has abolished Articles 370 and 35A from the constitution, invoking Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. The two articles gave Indian-administered region jurisdiction to make its own laws in all matters except finance, defense, foreign affairs, and communications. They also had a separate constitution, a separate flag and also denied any outsider to buy property there.

Jammu and Kashmir state has now been divided into two “union territories”, which will be directly ruled by New Delhi. The union territory will also include Hindu-majority Jammu region having its own legislative assembly.

Ladakh region, which has a Buddhist majority along with a sizeable Shia population will also be a union territory but without an assembly.

”Kashmir Solution has begun”

While the BJP is busy in war-mongering overall, Anupam Kher thinks the on-going bloodshed, suppression of Kashmiri people’s rights and forced annexation and colonization is the ‘solution’.

Anupam Kher’s wife, Kirron Kher, a lawmaker of the ruling BJP from Chandigarh, also tweeted showing her happiness over the ongoing crisis.

“The entire credit for removing Article 370 and 35A goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah,” she posted in Hindi.

Following Anupam Kher’s stance on Kashmir issue, he was criticized by his fellow Indians for the celebration of war-mongering and bloodshed.

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