Price in Pakistan, Specs and Details: Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Here is a detailed breakdown of all we know about the new iPhone 12 Mini.

Finally, Apple has realized that consumers need varied screen sizes now. iPhone manufacturers have decided that they will release a mini version of their devices this year alongside other devices with larger screens. This recent announcement has elated iPhone consumers.

Considering this news, we are here to talk about the current talk of the town – the iPhone 12 Mini.

It would look a lot like the iPhone 12, but with a smaller screen:

Check out the following picture to get a firsthand image of the iPhone 12 Mini\’s size:

Sources state that the mobile device will be priced at Rs. 139,999. The specifications of the phone make the price tag seem reasonable. These specs include:

  • A14 Bionic chipset based on the 5 nm architecture
  • a much faster learning Neural Engine, which can do wonders in processing (as it can perform more than 10 trillion operations in a second!)
  • an improved camera lens but with an iPhone 11’s camera setup, along with 27 percent improved night photography – as professional as any camera can get
  • improved water resistance

Here is a detailed breakdown of all we know about the new iPhone 12 Mini:

To sum up, if you are looking to invest in a smaller device and have the money for it, the iPhone 12 Mini is the name of the game. This excellent, sleek looking device is here to satisfy consumers with its superb cameras, super-fast SoC, and single-handed usage. This year, say hello to a new world of iPhone with the mini-series.

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  • Waiting since 1 year finally i12 comes but according to your report battery timing ? is not so good. Just 3200 mah only a fault in i 12 ?

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