Apply Here: Here is how you can apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2020

The biggest-ever employment program in the history of Punjab will help the educated and skilled youth to start a new and old functional business.


The Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, launched the Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2020 on Thursday under which loans up to PKR 10 million will be given to increase employment in the province.

Individuals between the ages of 20 to 50 can apply for the loans by signing up using their National ID cards on the following website:

The program’s application fee is PKR 2000 (non-refundable) and must be submitted once the application has been submitted.

The Punjab Rozgar Scheme will provide total loans of PKR 30 billion to provide funded credit facilities to the micro, small, and medium (MSMEs) startups and existing businesses in association with commercial Banks. The loans will range from PKR 100,000 to PKR 10 million.

Who can apply?

  1. University/college graduates with entrepreneurial skills
  2. Diploma/certificate holder from TVET having technical/vocational training.
  3. Artisans and skilled workers
  4. Existing businesses (However, preference will be given to existing businesses in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic)
  5. Micro and other companies can apply for a loan to adopt resource-efficient and cleaner production technologies or any green/environment-friendly intervention to improve their operations’ environmental performance.

Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility criteria will be adhered to process the loans under the Punjab Rozgar Scheme:

  1. Age: 20 to 50 years
  2. Gender: Male / Female / Transgender
  3. Resident: Citizen of Pakistan, Resident in Punjab, verified through CNIC
  4. Business Location: Punjab
  5. Business Type: Sole Proprietor, Partnership, or any business fulfilling other eligibility criteria
  6. Must have a clean e-CIB / Credit History
  7. For startups / new businesses
    • Having a viable business plan
  1. For existing businesses
    • Having a viable business plan with a focus to sustain the impact of COVID-19 please keep consistent format 
  1. Having Valid CNIC
  2. Any other parameter to be set by Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) / Government

For Terms and Conditions of the program, click the following link: & Conditions

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  • For middle class to lower.middle they arrange other person gaurantee..middle class aur ghareeb ki gaurantee kon de ga.??and 20% apney pass se ghareeb Kahan se lagay ga??wapasi.2 sal se 5 Saal ke Ander wo bhi mark up ke sath..2000 hazar application ki fees..means banks lakho tu isi se kama le ga..10 lakh loan ki gaurantee Gov ko khud deni chahay..with no mark up..tenore at least 10 years..baqi Jin Ka pehlay hi lakho Ka business ha..wo sab demands pori kar saktey Hain..Lakan intah ke talented.educated lekan ghareeb bachay Kahan ye loan le saktey hain…Gov should studies every aspects.before start any scheme..

  • میرا نام فیاض ہے میں پاکستان کے شہر رحیم یار خان سے ہو میں لون اس لئے لینا چہتا ہو کے میں اپنا کاروبار کر ساکو میں بہیت تنگ میرا ایک بڑا بھائ بھی ہے وہ میرا سات نہی دتا اس کی لئف سٹ ہے وہ میری مدد نیہں کرتا میں ایک چہوٹی سی جوب کرتا ہو میری تنخا 13000 جس سے میرا گھر نہیں چلتا

  • I am self business man and have 12 acre land ,in this field we cultivate cotton and wheat etc ,,i like to install Solar tube well in my field because there is no river water for crops we depend only tub-well ,,,,i needed 5 lace loan to start my small business ..Thesil Mailsi District Vehari,,

  • Ghareeb aadmi ki tO sb se pehly koshish hOgi k usy yeh qarza mil jay or wO karObar kr ly kOi taa k us k bchy achi zindgi guzar skyn… lekin yeh chance tO sirf graduated Or skilled lOgon k lye hai… chlO maa lyty agr kOi ghurbat ka mara kOi hunnar b rakhta hai ya graduated b hai tO wO yeh sOch kr apply nai kry ga k qarza tO pta nai milna hai ya nai …2000 fOrm ki jo fees hai wO zrur chali jani hai…Or ghareeb aadmi kbi b 2000 ka risk e nai ly ga wO phly yeh sOchy ga k is 2000 se apny ghar ki kOi zrurat puri kr lOon ..apny bachOn k lye kch ly lOon…
    tO yeh scheme tO unhi k lye hui “”jO already itni himmat rakhty hyn k 2000 ki kya bat hai agr chala b gya tO qrza b tO mil skta hai…2000 tO me chal phir k ghOom k e urra dyta hoon din me tO chalo apply kr dyta hoOn..”””
    2000 fees ki jaga 200 b fees hO skti thi fOrm ki… milna tO phir b 16 lakh kO e tha qarza …pr 200 me ghareeb aadmi chance tO ly skta hai na apni luck aazmany ka…

  • Sood aur soor dono haram hayen. Beherhal iss terha k barray barray programs mey ragrra chotay admi ko hi lagta hy. Ye programe bhee sirf hakoomat ki janib sey naam kamanay ka mansooba maloom hota hy magar ghareeb bechara hasb e mamool paisa nahi kama sakay ga

  • Asslam o alaikum I want this lones like 5 million can you help me how to apply and what is required documents thnx

  • 1st idea is a best idea in punjab
    میں ھم اپلاینس آیٹم اپنی شاپ پر سیل کر رہا ہوں ساتھ دیگر علاقوں میں ہول سیل ورک کر رہا ہوں
    اس کام کا تجربہ مجھے ترکی کی طرف لے جا رہا ہے
    سرمایہ نہ ھونے کی وجہ سے مجھے فوری آرڈر ڈلیور کرنے میں کافی مشکل کا سامنا کرنا پڑتا ہے
    دو ورکر میرے پاس موجود ہیں
    اپنی ساخت کو مزید بہتر کرنے کیلے یہ سکیم میرے لیے بیک بون کا کام کر سکتی ھے انشاللہ

  • I need to start a new biussned
    So please inform me where I can apply for loan in any bank or online if online so suggest a web site Thank You

  • Me RAWALPINDI se hn crona virus ne muje behad mutasir kiya hy mera koi rozgar nai hy kray ka ghr hy 2 bchy hn bra beta fees ki wja se school nai ja rha ab me ne food panda ke sth qrz le kr kam shuru kiya hy kam bht slow hy me koi chota sa hotel banan chahta hun mere pas koi degree koi tax ke paper ya aisa koi document nai hy sivay id card ke itna janta hun ke me haqdar hn covid ke doran bi koi support nai mili na12000 mile na hi koi or madad mili qrz udhar ke sth apna nizam chala raha hn meri guzarish hy ke muje loan diya jy takay mere mamulat e zindgi normal bnay ja skain shukriya

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