Arab countries to hire Pakistani citizens, thanks to PM Imran Khan’s green diplomacy

The Kingdom's intent with the project is to turn Saudi's deserts into green valleys and plains.

Arab countries to provide Pakistanis with employment opportunities

In a significant development, thousands of Pakistanis will get jobs in Arab countries, thanks to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s green diplomacy.

In the first phase of this program, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have signed an agreement. Pakistan will sign similar agreements with other countries, like Bahrain, UAE, and Qatar.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, was present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the official signing. Pakistanis will get the opportunity to work in plantation drives in Saudi Arabia and its neighbors. Seeds, Trees, seedlings, etc. will be provided to the Arab countries.

Agreement with Arab countries

The agreement has these fundamental points:

  • Two countries will share expertise and data on the matter
  • Pakistan will grow seedlings in its nurseries and export them to Saudi Arabia
  • A group of experts on the matter will be put together
  • Pakistan will aid Saudi Arabia in growing forests and decreasing aquatic pollution
  • Workers and gardeners will be sent to the Kingdom

Pakistan holds the reputation of conducting successful plantation drives at a lower cost. This project will play a significant role in uplifting the working class as it will generate thousands of job opportunities.

Prior to this, PM Imran Khan offered his support to Saudi Arabia in the tree-plantation project as well.

The country’s aim is to not just plant 10 billion trees itself, but also help its neighboring countries to plant 40 billion trees. The Kingdom’s intent with the project is to turn Saudi’s deserts into green valleys and plains.

PM Khan also offered to share his country’s experience and expertise on the matter in 2021. According to him, the Kingdom’s vision aligns with Pakistan’s Clean and Green initiative, as the two aim to provide a solution to Climate Change in the country.

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  • Pakistan woh azeem mulk banega….jahan bahir se log nokrian dhoondney aya karengey…….yahan ulta hisaab hai……thousands more leaving the country… hai teri PTI

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