How the Arab states are responding to the current Kashmir crisis? Know Here

The picture shows the state of lockdown in IOK – photo credit Sahwati Das.

While India celebrates its independence day today with nationalistic fervor and Narendra Modi has declared the stripping of Kashmir’s special status as one of the several path-breaking moves by his new government, there’s a complete lock-down in IOK.

Pakistan, who is the state party to the Kashmir dispute besides having humanitarian, religious and ethnic concerns towards the blatant Indian atrocities against unarmed Kashmiris has decided to carry the day as a black day in solidarity with the Kashmiri people. What is the response of other states especially those who are crucial to the present state of crisis? What they are doing? Have they curbed the trade ties with India? Have they issued statements denouncing the unilateral move by the world’s secular democracy? The answer is a big no.

The steps that Pakistan has taken so far in condemnation of Indian move of abrogating the constitutional rights of Kashmiris by unilaterally revoking its special status are cutting diplomatic ties with the eastern neighbors, not only the diplomatic ties but the country has proscribed its trade ties with India as well despite knowing the fact that the decision will cost its already bereaved economy.

Leaders of the opposition parties and those within the government circles also issued statements defying India’s undemocratic action but when it comes to the leaders of the gulf states Saudi Arabia has only urged “restraint” while Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait issued no statements at all in criticism to Kashmir lock-down and Modi’s attempt to alter the territory’s demographic status.


Iran, the country who emerges as the strong critic of the US especially after Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA, has issued statements calling for talks but didn’t show concern for the onslaught of humanity within the occupied Kashmir.

Saudi Arabia is all set to invest billions of dollars besides Aramco’s $15 billion investment in the Indian economy is silent on Kashmir’s existent turmoil.  Let alone UAE that has called the decision of revoking Kashmir’s special status “an internal matter.”

The lock-down in Kashmir has entered the twelveth day in violation of the rights of people of the state. There is a complete blackout of information and people in the militarized region are not even allowed to speak and to express their opinion.

In such a dismal state of crisis, the residents of IOK are suffering a lot and the silence of Muslim states is likely to push the region in a more dismal state as violence prevails as long as people accept it.

How do you see the standing of Muslim states besides Pakistan on the issue of lock-down in IOK after the repeal of territory’s special status? Share your thoughts in the comment section

  • saudi arabia considers its investment of 75 bn dollars with hindus more important than doing anything practical for kashmiri muslims. Syed Ali Gillani rightly said that if all kashmiris are killed,  what these muslims will reply infront of ALLAH swt on day of judgment.

    these newly rich arab gulf states have never uttered one word in condemnation and have never warned bharat about its treatment of muslims in india and specially in kashmir.   we muslims and pakistani will fight  if there is any agression against holy places more than our own country, but these arab states will never say one word. either they are greedy of money or they are coward states.

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