Arabs give India a hard time as “Boycott Indian Products” trends on Twitter

The campaign started after a video of the Indian police shooting a Muslim man went viral.

This picture calls for the boycoytt of Indian products. (Twitter)
This picture calls for the boycott of Indian products. (Twitter)

People in Arab countries have started a massive social media campaign to boycott Indian products due to the South Asian country’s ill-treatment of its Muslim minorities.

The hashtags #مقاطعه_المنتجات_الهنديه (Boycott Indian products) and #الهند_تقتل_المسلمين (India kills Muslims) have been trending on Twitter in Arab countries for the last several days.

The campaign started after a video of the Indian police shooting a Muslim man went viral.

The widely circulated video also showed an Assam government photographer repeatedly kicking the Muslim person after he was shot.

Translation for the tweet above: The Modi Hindu government in India abuses Muslims. Its persecution is within the framework of a systematic policy and in light of international silence and Islamic inaction. Boycott Indian products to support Muslims in India, for this is the weakest of faith.

Translation for the tweet above: With the ongoing #Boycott_Indian_products. There are some who herald the imminent solutions of a breakthrough in the matter of servants with India. What breakthrough are they talking about while Muslims are being killed in India? The first duty for the Muslim governments, in particular the Gulf ones, is that they should not sign any agreement with India before they stop killing Muslims.

The Grand Mufti Sheikh of Oman, Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalili, one of the most influential clerics in Oman, has also released a statement on Twitter regarding the violence against Muslims in India.

The Indians have been trying hard to stop this campaign.

The Indian Embassy in Qatar has issued a statement in both English and Arabic calling this campaign a “malicious attempt to on social media to spread hatred and disharmony through propaganda about India.”

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