Arabs revolt as Indians resort to personal attacks after UAE princess calls out Islamophobia

Many prominent lawyers, journalists, and activists in the Gulf region turned to twitter to highlight what they term as “ill-treatment” of Muslims


Social media users in the Arab world have called out Indians for their discriminatory comments against Muslims and Arabs.

Last week, a member of the United Arab Emirates royal family, Princess Hend Al Qassimi, warned the Indians working in the country would be “fined and made to leave” if they made racist and discriminatory comments.

Soon after the Princess’s warning, a 2015, tweet from a parliamentarian, Tejasvi Surya of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Party (BJP) – saying 95 percent of Arab women “have never had an orgasm in the last few hundred years” began to circulate on social media and was deprecated as being offensive.


Surya deleted his tweet after a Dubai-based businesswoman, Noora AlGhurair pointed out that he had been disrespectful to women and warned him against “traveling to Arab lands”.

Gulf countries have maintained a “fair” alliance with India and never condemned the country’s crackdown on Indian occupied Kashmir or even the attacks on Muslims under the BJP rule since 2014.

This makes it even more substantial that there has been an unusual surge in Arabs openly criticizing the increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric in India.

Many prominent lawyers, journalists, and activists in the Gulf region turned to twitter to highlight what they term as “ill-treatment” of Muslims, who make up 14% of the South Asian country’s population.

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  • یہ بے غیرت اپنے فلسطین کا نہیں پوچھ سکتے تو باقی مسلمانوں کا کیا پوچھے گے۔

  • indians rss have become overconfient to an exyent thay did not hesitate to insult arab women in most uncivilzed manner, indirectly hinting thar arab men dont treat their wies with love but use them as sex dolls. mr tej surya has thus challenged arab men as beinf cruel to their women . it is open attak n them as being uncivized. I just cannot understan why he dod so as it has no releance to their islamphobia. there is need to teach indians a lesson worth remebering so that learn to respect arams and muslims. without tough responsible they will misbave further this seems to me a feeler to see whether arabs swalloww it or react.

  • All praise to Allah. At last some Arabs have courage to face criticism against Muslims. Also they now understand that they are strengthening anti Muslim communities by investing in their countries and employing their people. They have to increase voice for thousands of Muslims getting murdered on Muslim lands

  • The guy shared Mr Tariq Fatehs comment about Arab women …. seemed to him like a good idea .. but the prompt backlash prompted him to delete his tweet ..

  • India is terrorist state killing its minority specially Muslims since their independence many Muslims pogrom led by RSS bjp even in congress rule too so its good of Arabs to stood up against these saffron terrorists who are eating from Muslims but keep on barking on us and our religion
    Modi is terrorist boycott Hindus

  • The way India behaving with mulims in Kashmir and inside India is like they used to behave with Untouchable.

  • Glad to see others realizing there actions,it’s time work together under my captain and disconnect any sort of activity with them till there people realize and stand up of there govt,we don’t care regarding businesses

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