Are Blasphemy Laws ONLY Applicable On Minorities In Pakistan?

Pakistan, being a Muslim majority country, follows extremely strict and unforgiving blasphemy laws. However, though the majority of the accused or punished by the principle of mob justice in Pakistan belonged to the non-Muslim minorities, the laws in their originality protect religious sentiments of people belonging to other religions as well.

The Pakistan Penal Code strictly prohibits any citizen from committing blasphemy against ANY recognized religion. The penalties for committing blasphemy range from a financial penalty to death.

However, the law though advocates the religious sentiments of our minorities equally aggressively as it does for Muslims, due to little to no fear of reaction – the later part is often forgiven and forgotten.

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Such hypocrisy was brought to the notice of social media community by a Facebook page named ‘White Pakistan’. The said page, as the name suggests, speaks for minorities of Pakistan. It often raises issues of controversial nature and very actively stands for equal and inclusive Pakistan. White Pakistan shared a picture of a cartoon posted by Express Tribune where the recent price hike was mocked.


It depicted the rise in electricity tariff by Government of Pakistan. But the event of the crucifixion* was depicted to show the message. The symbolic representation, however, holds sacred significance near the people belonging to the faith of Christianity and could possibly be offensive towards them.

*crucifixion: an ancient form of execution where a person was bound and nailed to the cross.   

The people, along with the page admin, urged the concerned authorities to take notice and avoid any similar incident in future. They were of opinion that the sentiments of the minorities should be protected as well and any content that may be offensive towards them should be avoided and condemned.

Here is what people had to say:

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