Arif Anis becomes first Pakistani author to receive highest honors in London

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highest honors in London
The renowned author, Arif Anis, has become the first Pakistani author to receive the highest honors in London.
Anis, one of the founders of the David Beckham-backed One Million Meals drive, has become a Freeman London city at a ceremony at the Chamberlain Court of the Guild Hall. Freeman is the highest honor bestowed by London.
The Wall Street Journal and the USA Today bestselling author of multiple books, Arif is a globally renowned speaker of Pakistani origin. He is also a leadership development expert who joins ranks with high achievers who have received the Freeman or Free Sister recognition.
The previous notable recipients include senior officials within the royal family, politics, business, and celebrities in their chosen fields.
The “One Million Meals” campaign was established at the end of March 2020 by Spice Village during the COVID-19 first lockdown. The initiative was taken to feed NHS workers during the Covid-19 pandemic when the restaurants were closed. Hundreds of thousands of free meals and healthy drinks were distributed to frontline workers in several locations in the United Kingdom.
Hundreds of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, and Afro-Caribbean eateries donated free meals through the campaign.

“It is inconceivable for someone who started around 20 years ago as a shepherd in a remote part of Pakistan. Now I have shepherding rights to drive the flock on Tower Bridge as a part of benefits as a Freeman,” the author said.
“I speak worldwide about crisis leadership. Problems bring opportunities for leaders to try, adopt, and develop new behaviors, solutions, and perspectives. The One Million Meals campaign was founded as a community reaction to the Covid 19 crisis. I dedicate the Freedom of the City of London award to the campaign’s co-founders, my family, and numerous volunteers who grew above and beyond the call of duty in crisis”.

“We managed to boost the energies of our hero doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulance drivers, and key workers who were the first line of defense in those dreadful days.”

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