Arif Hameed Bhatti criticizes Imran Khan’s surprise visit to hospitals, police stations



  • Honest officials are not appointed and the incompetence of officials incites such responses from the chief executive of the country, says Bhatti.
  • It is the duty of Medical Superintendent to visit the hospitals, not the prime minister; Arif Hameed Bhatti.
  • Bhatti criticizes Imran Khan’s visit is of the view that governance and policies of the PTI government play the role of hostile opposition for Imran Khan.
  • Khan has done a publicity stunt by visiting the institutions; Bhatti.


Khan should take the charge of MS: Arif Hameed Bhatti

Senior journalist and anchor person Arif Hameed Bhatti criticizes the governance model of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government saying that surprise visits are paid only when bad governance outnumbers the good governance. This is why his criticism of Imran Khan’s visit was quite harsh and objective.

He says that if the prime minister had to visit the police stations than the allocation to all other officials of the police including DSP, SP, DIG, and Inspector General of Police should be eliminated and this will also save the money. He has viewed that the premier should have taken the charge of MS of the hospital.

It so happens when you don’t appoint competent and honest officers. He thinks that the premier should have gone to visit these places by changing his appearance. Bhatti denounces the policies and governance model of the PTI government. Khan doesn’t need any opposition if he continues with this policy.

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Prime Minister’s visit to Sargodha


The premier of Pakistan made a surprise visit to different hospitals in Sargodha three days ago. The reason behind the visit was to have a direct check on the administration and the condition of the services being provided to the people of the country.

Duties of Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is the executive head of the state and his responsibilities are to check the economic growth as well as the matters of internal and foreign policy. The constitution of 1973 vests the executive authority to the premier. The prime minister can pay a visit to institutions in the discharge of his duties.

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